What is the Experience Lab?

The Experience Lab is a place where you can get to know and explore the products and services we create in the COMPEIT project. These services mirror the future of today’s media. They are developed such that most can be used online with little or no cost and effort and they are free for you to try out. In return we would like to receive your opinion about our products and services.


What kinds of products and services?

Most of COMPEIT’s products and services are focussed on connecting spaces, people and information. In direct manners such as offering new¬† audio/video communication means and shared activities, as well as in indirect manners such as supported by light, sound or asynchronous activities. Some examples of new products and services can be found in the “What’s new?” section. Feel free to learn more about our designs there.

When products and services are ready for you to explore and use, we will offer them in the MyLab section on this side. At this moment this section is empty, the first service that will become available there will be the Shared Spaces, so stay tuned!


What do we expect in return?

Not much! We invite you to explore, experience and enjoy our products and services and in return you let us know what you like and don’t like about them. What features you would like to see changed or added, how you’ve experienced them, etc. This will only be relevant when you subscribe to product and service use in the MyLab section of this site and requested feedback will not be too cumbersome for you, we promise.


Stay tuned!

Would you like to stay tuned and recieve updates on our work, product and service development and latest releases and maybe even participate in our research? Then subscribe to our newsletter in the “Join us” section under “Participate”!

For now, we hope you’ll enjoy your experience of our Lab!

The COMPEIT Experience Lab Team